German Colonization Past and Future
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Dr. Heinrich Schnee:

German Colonization Past and Future

The Truth about the German Colonies

Rare book from 1926. Reprint edition by The Scriptorium!

After the First World War Germany was forced by the Treaty of Versailles to give up her colonies; the misappropriation of the colonies by the Allies was justified to the world with the mendacious claims that Germany had proven herself incapable and unworthy of governing native peoples.

In this book Dr. Heinrich Schnee, the late Governor of German East Africa, refutes this "Colonial Lie" with hard facts and throws upon the subject a very different light from that in which it was shown by Allied wartime propaganda.

With an introduction by William Harbutt Dawson, author of "The German Empire, 1867-1914", "The Evolution of Modern Germany", "Problems of the Peace", etc.

(Cover text by The Scriptorium.)

(210 pages, 15.5 x 23 cm, softcover, 24 black-and-white photos, 1 location map, Notes section.)