Worm in the Apple: German 
Traitors and Treason Prior and During World War II
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Friedrich Lenz:

Worm in the Apple

German Traitors and Other Influences That Pushed the World Into War: The little-known story of the men who destroyed Adolf Hitler's Germany

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You will not find this book anywhere else in the world.

Many volumes have been written on the topic of "why Germany lost the War" - or, conversely, "why the Allies won". This book originally penned in 1952, however, exposes a vitally important but often underestimated factor: the "Resistance fighters" - the German traitors who worked to destroy the German Reich from within. Their attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler on July 20, 1944 was only the tip of the iceberg, and nothing would be more wrong than to accord the events of this single day a historical importance out of proportion to their strictly symbolic significance. The events in question represented but one act of the great tragedy of German history from 1933 to 1945. More and more, it appears that the Allies would not have been victorious without their help - and that, in fact, the war might never even have come about without their machinations!

It is the purpose of this booklet to show the general populace of not only the German nation, who have neither the opportunity nor the time for historical research of their own, the true backdrop of this key act - the assassination attempt - as succinctly as possible so that they will be in a position, in the interests of Germany's and the world's future, to draw the necessary political conclusions.

The author is aware that his opinion contrasts sharply with those that are currently popular. Nevertheless he claims for his motivations exactly that maxim expressed by Karl Goerdeler, one of the leaders of the Resistance: "Despite the smoke screen of propaganda, the German people must be told the truth, and nothing but the truth."

(Scriptorium, with excerpts from the Preface.)

(156 pages, 15 x 23 cm, softcover. Please note that our new (©2022) reprint of this translation does not contain the small illustrations that our first English edition did. These were added by us to the first edition but were not part of Lenz' original German publication.)